Biplane Air Tours

Important Announcement for St Mary's Customers:

I will be cutting back service at St Mary's County Airport after 2018.  I anticipate only being there 1 weekend a month in 2019. I will no longer sell gift certificates for St Mary's County Airport. In 2020, unexpired certificates will only be honored at the Massey Aerodrome.

Note: The plane flies from St. Mary's Airport/Massey Aerodrome, not the above address. See contact page for directions

Certificates have a picture of the plane, contact information for scheduling a ride and the duration of the flight. 

Certificates have a 3 year expiration date to encourage recipient to take the flight.

Certificates purchased prior to 2014 will have the time reduced on a pro rata basis to our prevailing rates when redeemed.

Biplane Air Tours

605 Patuxent Reach Drive

Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Gift Certificates may be ordered by sending a check in the amount for the desired flight length and location to:


Offering biplane rides in a 1944 Stearman WWII Trainer

For an appointment call 410 535-4136 or send an email:


2018 Rates: 

  • 15 minutes     $75
  • 30 minutes     $120    
  • 60 minutes     $220

See schedule page for dates

The thrill of flying in an open cockpit biplane. Fly in a 1944 Stearman biplane over scenic southern Maryland. Enjoy views of the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River while feeling the breeze through your hair! 

Flying from  St Mary's County Airport and from the Massey Aerodrome