Important Announcement for St Mary's Customers:

I will be cutting back service at St Mary's County Airport after 2018.  I anticipate only being there 1 weekend a month in 2019. I will no longer sell gift certificates for St Mary's County Airport. After 2019, unexpired certificates will be honored at the Massey Aerodrome.

  Dates            Flying From or Not Available

25 -31 May      St Mary's County Airport

1 - 3 June       Massey Aerodrome

8-10 June        Massey Aerodrome (limited availability on the 9th during the Antique Fly In)

11-22 June      St Mary's County Airport

25 Jun - 4 Jul  St Mary's County Airport

6 - 8 July         Massey Aerodrome

12 -15 July      Geneseo Airshow, Geneseo NY

16-22 July       Massey Aerodrome

23-31 July       St Mary's County Airport

1-5 Aug           St Mary's County Airport

6 - 17 Aug       Will be posted latter this summer   

18-26 Aug       Not Available

30 Aug - 8 Sep   Antique Fly in (Blakesburg IA) & National Stearman Fly In (Galseburg Il) (tentative)

14-16 Sep          Massey Aerodrome

after 17Sep       Will be posted latter this summer

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