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About Our Plane  

The Stearman was a primary trainer used by both the US Navy and US Army Air Corp during WWII. Over half our pilots received their initial flight training in a Stearman. About 10,000 were manufactured by Boeing in Wichita Kansas from 1937 to 1945. After the war, they became the backbone of the crop dusting industry. Known for their rugged construction and wonderful flying qualities, they are now onto their third career in the sport aviation community.

  • Weight:    2100 Lbs Empty             2950 Lbs Gross
  • Speeds:     55 mph Take Off,           95 mph Cruise,    124 mph Max.
  • Engine:     225 HP   R-680 Lycoming  9 cylinder radial

Our plane was acquired in 1989 and spent 7 years undergoing a total ground up restoration. Every component was disassembled and inspected. Practically every nut, bolt, bearing and bushing was replaced. All wing wood was replaced and a new propeller was installed.  In April 2017, after 20 years of faithfull service, an overhauled engine was installed. In many respects, the plane is practically new. 

The Stearman Restorers Association is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, flying and safety of Stearman Aircraft through the education of both members and the public.  We encourage those with an interest in Stearmans to visit their site.            

For more info on Stearman aircraft, visit      

  • When do you fly?

The flying season is typically late April through October

  • Where are the airports?

St. Mary's Regional Airport: 44174 Airport Road, Hollywood, MD 20636

Massey Aerodrome: 33541 Maryland Line Road, Massey, MD 21650

  • Can Two People go up together at on time?   

Sorry, only one customer can fly at a time. The plane has a full set of controls in the front cockpit (where the customer rides), so side by side seating is not possible.

  • Do you do acrobatics     

While the plane is acrobatic, insurance limitations restricts our flights to sightseeing only. However, at the customers request, we can perform roller coaster like climbs, descents and steep turns which are pretty thrilling for most.

  • Can I take pictures of my house?     

Within the restriction of the local airspace, we are more than happy to circle over someone's house for picture taking.

  •  Can my young children take a ride?     

Parents cannot take along small children. We have no set minimum (or maximum) age. The cockpit seats are rather low, so size (ability to see out the sides) tends to be the limitation. We have taken several adventurous children in the 8 - 10 year range. Before we fly with small children, we place them in the front cockpit and make sure they are comfortable and can see out the plane. There is no charge for anyone getting cold feet before take-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

In operation since 2000, we have safely flown over 2000 customers. Biplane Air Tours is registered with the FAA to conduct air tour operations under part 91.147 of the Federal Air Regulations. Our flying season typically runs from late April through October.  The majority of our flight are by appointment,  although we will take walk ups if the schedule permits.